Advanced Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional Therapy is specific and customized exercises that concentrate on the tongue, mouth, lips and throat.  It strengthens these muscles to improve simple functions like breathing, swallowing, chewing and speaking.  By doing so, this behavior modification can eliminate many of the impairments society has grown accustomed to dealing with every day.  Shifting your focus towards strengthening the tongue, oropharyngeal and lip muscles allows us to resolve the root cause of many of these myofunctional impairments!

Who needs Myofunctional Therapy? 

  • Are you a mouth breather?

  • Do you or may you have sleep apnea?

  • Do you snore at night?

  • Do you grind your teeth or wear a nightguard?

  • Do you or may you have a tongue-tie?

  • Do you experience chronic nasal congestion or allergies?

  • Do you experience chronic acid reflux or digestive issues?

  • Have your teeth relapsed after orthodontics?

  • Do you or may you have a tongue thrust?

  • Does your child have a sucking habit?

  • Do you have speech impairments, such as not pronouncing certain letters or a lisp?

  • Do you experience chronic headaches or ear infections?

  • Do you have Temporomandibular Joint pain (TMJ)?

With little time but dedicated effort, these chronic symptoms can be resolved through Myofuntional Therapy.  It is a natural, non-invasive and inexpensive treatment that can make such a difference in our quality of life, health and well-being!